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Artist: Pandas, Ellis Hurley Hugh MacDonald Oran McBride Roan McBeath

Released: April 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Pandamonium

  2. Foolish

  3. Mischief

  4. Hot Rod

  5. 80s Film Therapy

Glasgow based indie-soul four-piece Pandas released their debut EP 'PANDAMONIUM' on the 29th of April. The five track project comes as an extension of Pandas character - soulful and chaotic yet gentle in nature. Pandas are driven by a burning passion for creating honest music with influences such as Foals, Lauryn Hill and The Night Cafe their sound is something that combines soul and indie rock. Pandas to me are something different and a really feel good band. The past couple of years have since Pandas grow from 2021 supporting artists such as Pleasure Heads, RATS and Shambolics to headlining Broadcast and Saint Luke's & The Winged Ox. Now in 2022 the four-piece are far from slowing down already headlining PJ Molloys, Dunfermline and a sold out show on St. Patricks Day at Nice N Sleazys, Glasgow. 'PANDAMONIUM' much like Pandas other previous work feels light and fun but in my opinion this EP also stands out as something different. In ways 'PANDAMONIUM' seems to tap more into the soul sound that Pandas have. This debut EP also saw Pandas take some big steps working with producer Scott Thomson at Eggman Studios, Glasgow and the record was also mastered by Tom Woodhead. The whole of 'PANDAMONIUM' has this feel good, upbeat almost old movie type feel to it. To me this is especially seen in closing track '80s Film Therapy' which honestly feels like watching an old 80s romance flick. Also lead single 'Mischief' which with it's menacing bass line, frenzy of guitar playing, pounding drums and a boundary pushing sound, tells the story of a wild western chase. This track instantly gives the feeling of an old saloon and honestly when I first heard it before even knowing what the track was about I felt transported into a wacky western. Musically this is easily the best song I have heard from Pandas or at least it's my favourite, the style really suits them and it feels harder, faster and a bit more aggressive in the vocals which just sounds so good on them. I always knew that Pandas were a good band but I definitely found myself sitting and thinking "Damn these guys are a really good band" when listening to 'PANDAMONIUM'. Previously I had only heard single 'Debbie' and this debut EP shows a lot of growth from the four piece. There's honestly not a single thing I don't like within 'PANDAMONIUM', there's a nice mix of faster songs such as 'Mischief' and more chilled out tracks such as 'Hot Rod' and '80s FIlm Therapy'. This five track is defninitely one to check out and add to your playlists.


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Pictue by Jen Gunn

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