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The Haptics - Mouse

Dark grunge band The Haptics explore a theme of toxic relationships with their newest single 'Mouse'.


The Haptics talk about toxic relationships and the power play that accompanies them in new single 'Mouse'. United by a love for post-punk, The Haptics came into formation in 2022. The Vancouver based group take influence from Joy Division and The Cure. Their dark sound blends post-punk with alternative rock and grunge and their ability to mold and experiment with sound makes them modern and fresh sounding. The Haptics are also involved with visual arts that reflect their aesthetic, which is another thing that makes them interesting. Exploring boundaries, consent and commitment within relationships, whether that be romantically or platonically The Haptics ask "What if?" with 'Mouse', "What if you enjoy that toxicity? What if, in some way, you need that challenge in your life". Focusing on an intricate topic 'Mouse' is backed with hard punk energy and a hint of anger. This is a song to take on board and listen to lyrically then jump about and let all your energy out too.

Listen to 'Mouse' HERE

The Haptics are

Jin: Vocals Cam: Guitar Brent: Bass Flavio: Drums

The Haptics online

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