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Speaking of Witches - Wax

South-Coast alt rockers Speaking of Witches have released their 'Alice In Wonderland' inspired 'Wax'.


Speaking of Witches have released their newest single 'Wax' ahead of their forthcoming debut album 'Can You Stand On Your Head?'. The South-Coast alt rockers have built a reputation for their electrifying live performance that has seen them share stages with the likes of Phoxjaw and The Virginmarys. The group originally formed in 2016 under the name Hunters Gathering before later changing to Speaking of Witches, where they began and continue to redefine alt rock by transforming blues influenced rock into low tuned stoner/alt-rock. 'Wax' the newest single from Speaking of Witches comes ahead of their debut album 'Can You Stand On Your Head?'. The album is a conceptual journey inspired by the darker aspect of the original 'Alice In Wonderland' film. 'Wax' tells the part of the story where the Alice like character finds herself in an encounter with a trio of witch-like harpies. 'Wax' references to fire and the impending doom of being cooked alive but eventually delivers as a glimmer of hope as the character finds an escape. 'Wax' shows off Speaking of Witches modern alt rock sound that has a healthy layer of classic Black Sabbath sounding grit. I could hear the blues like groove, and I could see these guys being very popular. Vocally Solomons is giving something unique and gravely which adds to their gritty sound. The main downside for me with 'Wax' however, is that I found the drums a bit too overpowering in the mix and yes it helps with the stoner rock sound, but I would've liked to hear stronger groovy guitars and more from the unique vocals that I thought got a bit lost. Overall, though Speaking of Witches are a very interesting and new sounding band to be keeping an ear out for.

Listen to 'Wax' HERE

Speaking of Witches are

Paul Matthew Solomons: Lead Vocalist & Guitarist Toby Morter: Backing Vocals & Bass Jake Morter: Backing Vocals & Drums

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