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Scarsun - Higanbana Pt. 2

EP Name: Higanbana Pt. 2

Artist: Scarsun Letha Curtis: Vocals Matt Hall: Guitar Aaron Jukes: Guitar Jim McDonald: Bass Nathan Buckland: Drums

Released: February 2022

Label: Earache Records

Rating: 7/10



  1. Rules

  2. In the Night

  3. She

  4. Seen It All Before

Scarsun have recently released 'Higanbana Part Two' which features the same heavy aggression as part one but in my opinion also shows a slightly more emotional side to the metal/alt rock band. On first listen of this EP I quickly picked up on how catchy these four tracks are from second single 'In the Night' with it's crashing drums and ability to easily get stuck in your head to 'Seen It All Before' which has a chorus that you will be singing along with in no time. 'Rules' the first track on 'Higanbana Pt. 2' comes in fast and heavy with this really cool bass line that will have you excited to hear what else Scarsun have to offer with this EP. This same energy continues throughout the four songs and is even apparent in slower track 'She'. As I mentioned before this EP feels more emotional than what I have heard from Scarsun before. This was especially seen in closing track 'Seen It All Before' with strong vocals and lyrics that tell a story of anger and hurt, "Don't lie and say you didn't mean to hurt me". This song in my opinion may be one of the strongest I have heard from the group. I always have to pick a favourite and for me it has to go to 'In the Night'. This song had me instantly excited from the second it began. I knew I was in for a treat and was getting to hear something that was made for headbanging along to. I really enjoyed the contrast of how heavy this one felt but the vocals seemed more innocent sounding which delivered this really nice contrast. As I mentioned before this is one that will definitely get stuck in your head. Much like 'Higanbana Pt. 1' which if you haven't checked out, you should. This is another EP I would recommend. Scarsun are a band I personally really enjoy and for any metal/alt rock fan I think they are a great find. 'Higanbana Pt. 2' is a strong EP which shows a bit of a softer more emotional side to Scarsun but they don't drop that badass attitude. So go check this one out and give part one a listen to.

Check out Scarsun and give 'Higanbana Pt. 2' a listen HERE

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