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Midnight Bullet - Enemy Number One

"When your best friend becomes your worst enemy" - Midnight Bullet have released new groovy single 'Enemy Number One'.


Album cover by Karoliina Muukka

Finnish heavy metal band Midnight Bullet have released new single 'Enemy Number One' ahead of their fourth studio album 'Hostile Resistance' which is set for release on the 4th of March via Inverse Records. This new track from Midnight Bullet shows a new side to the band. I personally found this a really enjoyable song to listen to. It has kept some aggressive tones especially in the lyrics but for me I thought it was more groovy and fun than angry feeling and that contradiction of anger and happy is something I always enjoy in music. I also found the intro guitar riff to remind me more of rock bands such as Black Stone Cherry rather than something heavy metal which was really cool.

"Album release is getting closer and obviously we're very excited about it! 'Enemy Number One' was pretty challenging lyric wise but turned out one of the best songs on the album. This song is very groovy but also very heavy at the same time. It's really rewarding to write music with this band because you never really know where you end up in the end. This song is about when your best friend becomes your worst enemy." - (Tuomas Lahti, Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Midnight Bullet's upcoming album sees them take things in a slightly new direction with some of the skatepunk and pop elements being dropped in favour of a more aggressive sound. If 'Enemy Number One' is anything to go by then I personally cannot wait to hear 'Hostile Resistance'.

Band Line Up

Tuomas Lahti: Vocals & Guitar Lauri Ikonen: Lead Guitar Mirko Miettinen: Bass Mikko Nokelainen: Drums

Listen to 'Enemy Number One'

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Picture by Kristian Pekkala

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