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Deadfire - Anxiety Society

Hard dirty blues rockers Deadfire are back with 'Anxiety Society' an anthem for anyone who feels like they don't fit in. The catchy, riff heavy single will be released on the 11th of February.


After a year and a half of covid holding them back Deadfire have returned with a new line up and a brand new single 'Anxiety Society'. This is the first announcement of many as Deadfire have a lot planned to keep fans entertained this year including shows across Europe. The hardcore rockers surely know how to make a presence from their larger than life live shows to their riff heavy tracks, and this return feels like the most impactful track yet. Formed back in 2012 this year sees the band mark 10 years making music. They have had many lineup changes over the years but this feels like their strongest yet. In the past ten years Deadfire have made their mark in the music scene from first self-titled album in 2013 seeing them gain widespread success and even having a couple of tracks feature on the film 'Redwood Massacre'. The bands 2020 release 'My Mind Belongs To The Devil' was the four piece's first release in 3 years and also saw great success. The big downside to having released an EP in 2020 is that there wasn't the chance for the group to promo the EP as they would have before. However after a year and a half they are back with new addition Rich on guitar and they are seemingly keen to make up for that lost time. "Hey! I'm tired of being told what I should be, I'm just gonna keep on being me" is a line from 'Anxiety Society' that I feel captures the meaning of the song perfectly. This heavy driven track is one to be shouted at the world as if to make everyone hear what is wrong and unjust. This is one of those songs from when that guitar first kicks in you know it's gonna be good. For me this song feels like it shows off everything that is Deadfire. It's got something to say and instrumentals that will make sure you are banging your head along. The way the chorus kicks in that first "Hey" feels like you're being commanded to join them in the anthem. This track in my opinion is my favourite I have heard from Deadfire and one that I woud recommend to any lover of rock music who feels like they just need to scream at the world for a little bit. With influences from artists such as Motorhead, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Deadfire will welcome you back to an era of rock while also bringing something new and modern.

Band Line Up

Charlie: Vocals Rich: Guitar Boothy: Bass Tunk: Drums

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