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Say Yes Do Nothing - Lockdown

Say Yes Do Nothing's song 'Lockdown' is high energy and fun, it will 100% have you up and dancing around your room.


Say Yes Do Nothing's track 'Lockdown' which was released in January of this year is fun and upbeat. The collab with Sleep Kitty takes a look at couples in lockdown and spins it in a really humorous light. The North London based band created this song in a DIY fashion in a garage and it definitely has that gritty DIY sound and in a way feels like you could be listening to the song live, proving how great this song would be live. 'Lockdown' has this 80s rock n roll feel to it but if you mixed that with some high energy punk. In many ways 'Lockdown' reminds me of songs from artists like The Clash. The presence of Say Yes Do Nothing's frontman Dave Eastman is felt within this track. The USA born vocalist once won the LA DIY Album of the Year with his previous project Apron Strings and it was featured on the TV show Dawsons Creek. Now with Say Yes Do Nothing he has headlined sell out shows in London and played on many festivals. 'Lockdown' is a great song to listen to for a bit of a happiness boost, listening to it made me smile. Honestly the main feeling I had throughout the track was how great the high energy piece would be live and how crazy it would go. This one is different to the other tracks that Say Yes Do Nothing have put out and in my opinion it is by far my favourite.

You can listen to 'Lockdown' here

You can keep up to date with Say Yes Do Nothing on their social media at the following links:

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