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Hell Hotel - Smile

Fresh new emo/alt rock band from Brighton, Hell Hotel, have released their energetic debut single 'Smile'.


Hell Hotel are coming in strong with their fast-paced debut single 'Smile'. Formed in September of 2023, Hell Hotel are a new rock duo that combine influences from early 00's emo and rock with modern alternative music. The pair from Brighton, UK have not only just dropped an impressive first single, but they have also announced that they are set to play the 'Girls, Gays and Theys Festival' in Northampton on the 18th of May. Hell Hotel's debut single is an energetic track that is very clearly inspired by the early 2000's rock scene. The track is themed around the destructive nature of a trauma bonded relationship and how self-sabotage is easier than making a change to benefit your mental health. 'Smile' has a rawness to it that can be heard through the harsh and melodic vocals. To me, 'Smile' is a track I could imagine Paramore making if they began in 2023. It's melodically 2000's emo rock but with the hard-hitting edge of modern hardcore rock. Hell Hotel are a duo not to be slept on.

'Smile' Official Music Video

Listen to 'Smile' HERE

Hell Hotel online


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