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Human Dinosaur Machine - HDM

Album Name: HDM

Artist: Human Dinosaur Machine

Released: February 2024

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Sabretooth Tiger Shark Rug

  2. Not A Love Song

  3. Narnia

  4. Goonbox

  5. The Human Song

  6. The Divide

  7. Margaret Olley

  8. Paradise

  9. Turtles

  10. Ventilator

  11. Trash

Pop-Punk foursome Human Dinosaur Machine have released their energized debut album 'HDM'. Born in 2015, Human Dinosaur Machine formed from an awkward, intimate house party jam and the group have blossomed into four close friends who continue to make music together. These guys make pop-punk but in their own way, Human Dinosaur Machine's sound reminds me more of late 90's early 2000's pop rock than anything modern, yet what they are doing is definitely something fresh. The group have seen previous success with singles 'Spaghetti' reaching #5 in the AMRAP regional community radio charts, and their 2020 single 'Diary of Broken Bones' was played by Josh on Triple J's Short.Fast.Loud segment. 'Sabretooth Tiger Shark Rug' opens 'HDM' with a bright pop -punk riff which is soon joined by the vocals, reminding me exactly why I like this band. This song wouldn't feel out of place next to artists like No Doubt, but Human Dinosaur Machine have a harsher sound, with this song even including a few guttural vocals, giving it the heavy edge. Another very cool track on this album is 'Narnia', this is one that fits how I could probably describe most of 'HDM' as, unpredictable. 'Narnia' opens up with a delayed, otherworldly intro that builds in power as the drums crash in. This is a lot more rock feeling, as the lower guitars and haunting melody filled my ears, I couldn't help but get lost in this one. However, just as I settled into the melodic haunting piece it rapidly picks up speed adding a cool rhythmic dimension and I am obsessed. This is a very interesting and enjoyable song. My two favourite tracks on 'HDM' come back-to-back with the first being 'Goonbox', it's a little punkier and the drums fuel the song. I could easily imagine 'Goonbox' blasting on the radio on a road trip, and I love its catchy lyrics and addictive chorus. Again, I am reminded of the early 2000's pop rock scene with a splash of modern pop-punk. I think that 'Goonbox' is giving everything that Human Dinosaur Machine are. My other favourite track on 'HDM' is 'The Human Song', which is more emotion driven and ballady than the tracks that come before. 'The Human Song' is a captivating piece that allows you to sit back and enjoy the incredible vocals and bouncy bassline. For me, this is a track that shows off the talents of Human Dinosaur Machine as songwriters and I couldn't help but listen to this song over and over again. There's even a little sped up moment towards the end where the song starts building to its climax that really again just shows off the band's talents. A few other moments I really enjoyed from 'HDM' include, the harsh vocals combined with the pop melody in 'The Divide'. The simplicity of 'Paradise' and it's fun lyrics, as well as the large chorus. Lastly, 'Trash' and it's bright sound and fun beat. Overall, I just really like this album. It's probably not technically one of the best things I've heard this year, but I really enjoy listening to this band. Human Dinosaur Machine have a sound that is so unique to them at the moment, and I can't recommend them enough. There songs for the most part are simple and easy to listen to with vocals that demand your attention. I personally can't wait to go and listen to 'HDM' again.

Listen to 'HDM' HERE

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