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In Charge - The Game

In Charge deliver something a little different with their new track 'The Game'.


With a pop edge, In Charge's new track 'The Game' is punchy and fun. In Charge first gained attention with their debut single 'Wondering What You're Thinking' earlier this year. The track which was about frontman Chris meeting his partner Rachel (who features on the track) even got coverage in the Daily Record. Following up from that their second single 'Something's Coming My Way' made it to Top 10 on the Top 10 Rock Chart. The hard rock bands newest single 'The Game' is the third official release from In Charge and delivers something a little different. It's a bit more pop but still rock at the core with a strong and sleazy guitar riff.

"The lyrics to the song were inspired by a book about pickup artists called 'The Game'. While I don't agree with the lyrics - the sleazy feel of the guitar riff worked for the song and it's a lot of fun to play." - (Chris, Lead Vocalist & Guitarist)

'The Game' has a bouncy and punchy rock feel but injected with just a tiny bit of pop melody. It's a fun little track and is worth checking out. In Charge will be finishing up the year with a gig on the 22nd of December at The Flying Duck, Glasgow.

Listen to 'The Game' HERE

In Charge online

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