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Rogue Awakening - Overshadowed

South Coast hard rockers Rogue Awakening show off a heavier side to themselves with second single 'Overshadowed' that released today.


Rogue Awakening's second single 'Overshadowed' which shows off a bit of a heavier side to the band has been released today (23rd September). The heavy but melodic track lets everyone hear what this band can do. Fronted by Kimberley Voice, Rogue Awakening are a strong band that have a lot of talent within. Kimberley Voice has already seen a bit of success with previous band Damn Dirty Humans who toured with the likes of Human League, The Start and Monarchy. Rogue Awakening pull their inspiration from varied music tastes, anything from indie to death metal and they have created this really interesting melodic and heavy sound that's easily comparable to the likes of Jinjer or Evanescence. 'Overshadowed' is about the contradiction between the confident person you show off and the more insecure person that exists inside. This message is put across with the use of nice lyricism and these gorgeous vocals that make you want to listen.

"'Overshadowed' is about the contradiction between the confident person you present to the world versus the saboteur in your mind. It's ultimately about an unhealthy relationship with yourself and how that impacts on those around you. It also touches on the trials of being an over thinker and how that can affect your headspace."

After listening to first single 'Bored' from Rogue Awakening I was already interested in what they had to offer but 'Overshadowed' really tops the previous release. The track really reminded me of the likes of Jinjer and vocally those soft vocals have the same pretty, melodic sound. I personally really love the chorus in this one and again that's down to the vocal talents that Kimberley Voice has. Everything about this band is good but the vocals are what really make you want to listen more and more. The hard rock band in my opinion are verging on metal and I would actually like to see if they could go a little bit heavier instrumentally. 'Overshadowed' is definitely one to check out and I am very happy I got the chance to listen to these guys . I will be keeping an ear out for what's coming next from them as I feel this UK based group could really become something special.

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