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Caustic Waves -Invisible Enemy/Regenerate

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Caustic Waves is a new melodic alt metal/post-hardcore artist from Glasgow. Layered with harmonies and 2000's feels 'Invisible Enemy' and 'Regenerate' are two tracks that will have you headbanging around your room.


Caustic Waves is a new project by artist Neil Thomas, he began releasing music under this name in March of this year (2022) with debut single 'Regenerate' and follow up track 'Invisible Enemy' arriving a month later in April. Neil Thomas takes influence from artists such as Helmet, Kerbdog, Far and Deftones to create the sound for Caustic Waves. There is also elements from previous bands Thomas participated in such as Keitel an alt metal band from the mid 2000's and The Chinaskis a harmony driven power-pop group. This mix of pieces creates the crunchy rhythm guitar, driving bass and hook laden lead vocals that make up the sound for Caustic Waves. Caustic Waves first single 'Regenerate' is my personal favourite out of these two releases. Something about it just screams 2000's hard rock/metal nostalgia, especially within that guitar tone and a hook that gives 'Regenerate' this addictive factor. As a firm lover of bands like Three Days Grace this gives me same kind of feeling.

'Invisible Enemy' is the most recent and second single from Caustic Waves. This is a great follow up to 'Regenerate' as it keeps up the same kind of hard rock energy. 'Invisible Enemy' was written in March of 2020 and speaks about the intial fear and uncertainty that was faced with Covid-19. Again this track has this nostalgia factor to it but paired with a really modern issue and a more melodic feel than 'Regenerate'. 'Invisible Enemy' and Regenerate' are the lead singles from Caustic Waves forthcoming 6-track debut album. The album in question began being recorded in April of 2020 and has been an over eighteen month process. Self produced, mixed and engineered by Neil Thomas in his home studio in Glasgow with the mastering completed by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves Mastering Caustic Waves is definitely an artist I would recommend checking out especially for fans of artists such as Three Days Grace, Papa Roach and Fuel. I really enjoyed both of these tracks personally in particular 'Regenerate'. This style of music is right up my street and I think that Caustic Waves are doing a great job!

Listen to 'Invisible Enemy' HERE

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