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Caustic Waves - Evolution

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

New single 'Evolution' from Caustic Waves will be available from the 29th of July. This new track from the Glasgow based artist comes full of 2000's energy and a catchy rhythm that will leave you wanting more.


New track 'Evolution' from Caustic Waves is the fourth single from the artist and feels more fun and pop-punk influenced than previous released tracks. Caustic Waves was created by Neil Thomas and is based out of Glasgow. The alt-metal/post-hardcore project began by Thomas under this name earlier this year (March 2022) and draws inspiration from artist such as Deftones, Far, Helmet and previous projects that Thomas has been a part of including an alt metal band from the mid 2000's Keitel, and harmony driven power-pop group The Chinaskis. 'Evolution' to me has this 2000's pop-punk/hard rock energy to it that I haven't seen from Caustic Waves before. 'Evolution' is a song that is catchy and has this lighter tone to it which makes it easy to listen to. Personally this one is a favourite for me, I enjoyed all the previous songs from Caustic Waves but this is one I can really see myself listening to regularly. 'Evolution' has this sort of Alien Ant Farm type sound to it and really reminds me of an era of music that I love and brings me back to hanging out with my friends as a teenager. For any fan of 2000's alt metal/hard rock/pop punk I would highly recommend giving this track a pre-save and listening to it when it is released on the 29th. If you like bands such as Far, Deftones, Helmet, Incubus, Finger Eleven or Three Days Grace then go check out Caustic Waves now so you're not missing out.

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