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Red Cain - The Great Hunt

Alberta prog-power band Red Cain have released their new single 'The Great Hunt' along with a live music video.


Calgary's own prog-power band Red Cain have dropped their new single 'The Great Hunt' from their upcoming album 'NAE'BLISS', which will be out everywhere on the 2nd of June. Accompanying the single, the band have shared a music video which was filmed at their most recent live performance. Born out of the vast prairies and snowy peaks of Alberta, Canada, Red Cain is a progressive metal project with Eastern European roots. With intricate songwriting, powerful vocals, eerie soundscapes and strong electronic-backed groove, Red Cain champion a fluid, dynamic and unique style centered around telling dark, conceptual Faustian sagas and constructing this into unforgettable live experiences, described as "Melancholy and Rage". New single, 'The Great Hunt' displays the bands cinematic influences right out of the gate, opening up with a haunting intro and quickly ascending into the classic progressive heavy metal sound they are known for. The latest single off of the upcoming album is reminiscent of Periphery, Kamelot, Mastodon and others like them. The track seamlessly blends heavy melodic undertones with progressive power metal instrumentals and striking vocals.

"And now - the Hunt is on! With our last single for the upcoming album 'NAE'BLISS', we are pleased to debut one of the heaviest tracks in the Red Cain repertoire - 'The Great Hunt'. A stomping, driven 3/4 march utilizing 8-string guitars and layers and layers of bass, this track pushes further into the djent riffs present elsewhere on the album yet contains all of the usual characteristics of a Red Cain anthem - lush electronic backing, soaring, aggressive vocals, and a pulsing, headbanging groove." - (Red Cain)

The full-length album 'NAE'BLISS' is set to drop on June 2nd and is inspired by the 'Wheel of Time' series. An homage to the legendary world of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic, 'NAE'BLISS', was mixed by Tyler Corbett (Sole Audio), and mastered by Alan Sacha Laskow (Perfect Filth Studios). With a grimdark edge, downtuned guitars, death metal influences. and an unrelenting march forward, 'NAE'BLISS' is a foray into the reverse side of the 'Wheel of Time' story - that of the Forsaken, antagonists, instruments of the Great Lord of the Dark, and the brutal and captivating allure of letting chaos reign supreme.

"We are all massive fantasy fans, and for us, 'Wheel of Time' rubs shoulders with LOTR as a genre-defining epic fantasy series that started it all. The world of the Wheel is a brutal, compelling world with multitudes of fascinating characters, and we were particularly interested in exploring its more visceral aspects - an area which begs to be paired with heavy metal. We've seen some of our musical icons, like Blind Guardian, successfully go down this path, and it was magnificent to see new musical interpretations of those stories spun out by them - not to mention some bloody good fun. Now, it's our turn to ride forward in another turn of the Wheel." - (Red Cain)

'The Great Hunt' (Live Video)

Listen to 'The Great Hunt' HERE

Red Cain are

Evgeniy Zayarny: Vocals Samuel Ridout: Guitars Tyler Corbett: Guitars Kalie Yan: Bass & Vocals Taylor Gibson: Drums

Red Cain online

Source: Red Cain via CMM GmbH

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