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Dreadsunshine - Heart of the Night

Dreadsunshine have released their 80s influenced debut single and music video 'Heart of the Night'.


Artwork by Jarmo Glader

Tero Hautamaki, the multitalented indie musician has started a new project. This time distorted guitars are left in the background, and he dives deep into the music of his youth. This new band is called Dreadsunshine and the first single 'Heart of the Night' has been released by Secret Entertainment. Dreadsunshine will be taking inspiration from 80s synth pop. The main idea is to use different indie artists and test the borders of Hautamakis talents. In this first single the vocals are done by the highly talented Satu Guru (Hellysagrrressio and Super Tsunami).

'Heart of the Night' Official 4k Music Video

Listen to 'Heart of the Night' HERE

'Heart of the Night' credits

Satu guru: Vocals Tero Hautamaki: Guitars Heikki Kinnunen: Bass Sami Pulkkinen: Backing Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards

Dreadsunshine online

Picture by Jarmo Glader

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