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ORYAD release second video and single 'Eve' and are ready to create a milestone with their new album 'Sacred & Profane'.


Fans of ORYAD's mystic prog metal have desperately waited for the bands second single which was released on the 13th of April. With the vibrant and yet beautifully diverse song 'Eve', they shall not be disappointed: Listeners are being sucked right into a mystic world from the get-go. Accompanied by a wonderful music video, ORYAD throws their listeners into a dreamy underworld scenario,

"This song is a monologue wherein Eve speaks back to her original tempter, to stand up for her own personhood rather than take the blame for all of humanity's weaknesses. The poetry was inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay's Sonnet II in Epitaph for the Race of Man. We loved adding heavy doom and black metal touches to this song to give an edge to one of myth's mothers of mankind." - (ORYAD)

Each song - 'Eve' included - on ORYAD's upcoming album 'Sacred & Profane' (release 25th May) speaks for the deep connection with nature and its spirits. The music holds the ability to carry its listeners through a colourful pallet of emotions,

"In our society, we have anesthetized so much of the human experience and partitioned off parts of ourselves, claiming that anger, for example, can only be ugly. That grief should be hidden. That it is socially acceptable we only revel in their brighter siblings love, joy and hope... Which only makes those three more cloying and homogenized." - (ORYAD)

'Eve' has been recorded by Moira Murphy, Matt Gotlin-Sheehan and Luca Grieman at The Band Cave Studios in Denver, as well as at Toxoplasma Records in East Tennessee. Once again Vikram Shankar did a fantastic job on mixing and mastering this epic mystic song, combining elements from earlier classical romantic and baroque periods with a modern black metal dark prog touch.

ORYAD 'Eve' (Official Music Video)

Pre order 'Sacred & Profane' HERE

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