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Bloodstock Festival's Metal 2 The Masses Scottish Final

Bloodstock Festivals Metal 2 The Masses: Scotland to hit La Belle Angele, Edinburgh on May 6th.


Every year, Derbyshire based metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air, reaches out to the heavy metal underground scene, with their Metal 2 The Masses initiative. The initiative sees venues around the UK, Eire, Norway, Poland and now Croatia, show off their "local" emerging talent. The bands work through the heats, some Quarter/Semi-Finals, and at the end each regional venue presents one Grand Final winner to go on and play at Bloodstock. In Scotland, the last few years have been a little different as Slow Dragon Music has taken the Heats and Semi-Finals around the country. From Glasgow to Inverness, the playing field has been leveled, to find the best rising bands in far flung corners. The result is, once again, a final stacked with superb heavy music from all over Scotland. This year sees We Make Mammoths (Bathgate), Volcano X (Dundee), Blackfyre Rising (Edinburgh), Bloodsun (Inverness) and Extort (Edinburgh) compete while the audience are also treated with some great guest headliners: 2022 Norway winners, Viction will be making their Scottish debut while presenting their own breed of melodic death-thrash. Joining them is another 2022 winner, this time from Scotland, Catalysis. Finally on the bill is main headliner, Ramage Inc. It's been a while since these guys won Metal 2 the Masses in Glasgow, but they have been invited back to play Bloodstock multiple times since. This headlining act will be an exciting one as it will entirely consist of new material, taken from Ramage Inc's upcoming album 'Humanity Has Failed!'. Don't miss out on being one of the very first to hear it, live on stage!

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