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Pxnxk - Revival (feat. Augustvor)

'Revival' from Pittsburgh based Pxnxk is a very modern alt-rock track that'll leave you wanting more.


Pxnxk is a multi-genre musician from Pittsburgh, PA. 'Revival' which features Augustvor goes in a more post-grunge/alt-rock direction. From giving Pxnxk's music a listen I can tell that this is an artist that is very heavily leaning into the modern alt-rock/rap-rock thing that is super common at the moment. I personally actually really enjoyed every song from them that I listened to; I do think latest release 'Revival' is the most rock like, but Pxnxk also has some other tracks that have a really nice chill vibe to them. 'Revival' compared to other tracks from Pxnxk feels rockier and more aggressive. The featuring artist Augustvor really adds to this song and makes it a standout track. I also am a big fan of the rap like vocals over the heavy guitars and drums that hammer throughout. I don't really have too much to say on this one other than it's a pretty good song that is worth checking out and if you get the chance give Pxnxk's other songs a listen as well.

Listen to 'Revival (feat. Augustvor)' HERE

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