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American Prophet - Die Young

American Prophet's second single 'Die Young' sees the band return after their six-year hiatus, and what a comeback it is!


It's been six years since American Prophet's first single release 'Eve of Destruction' and they have returned with the loud anthem that is 'Die Young'. 'Die Young' delivers this very modern metal-esque sound and the group who were previously signed to Century Media are beginning again with a bang. 'Die Young' was produced by Kyle Odell and fits nicely into the kind of things we're hearing from modern metalcore. Starting with almost chant like vocals 'Die Young' is a song that will get you instantly hooked. This is a really cool track which has similarities to the likes of Bad Omens, Bring Me The Horizon or I Prevail, while not being quite as heavy as those mentioned bands. From first listen to this track I knew it was something that I loved. This type of music is right up my street, and I don't have anything to fault within 'Die Young'. I think this is a great one for any metalcore lover to check out and add to their playlists.

Listen to 'Die Young' HERE

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