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ThinkTwice - ALTER EGO

EP Name: Alter Ego

Artist: ThinkTwice

Released: January 2023

Rating: 7.5/10







Last month alt rock/pop punk duo ThinkTwice dropped their first EP 'ALTER EGO'. ThinkTwice are a reasonably new band with their first single 'jackpot loser' coming out in July of 2022. This was quickly followed by second single 'the ceremony' which arrived in September of the same year. Now we get their first EP 'ALTER EGO' which came out just last month. I really like what ThinkTwice are doing with their sound. I checked out both the new EP and previous singles and I have to say after hearing last year's single 'the ceremony' I was excited to hear more. 'ALTER EGO' doesn't disappoint either and I think any modern pop punk lover is going to really enjoy this EP. Opening with the title track 'ALTER EGO' I was instantly impressed with the way this song builds instrumentally as well as the emotionally charged vocals that grow alongside. This one, much like others on the EP easily fits into the modern pop punk sound that's happening at the moment. Second track 'HYSTERIA' opens up feeling a little bit punkier and grittier than the opener. I found myself enjoying this more than 'ALTER EGO' and it feels catchier. I did think at times especially in the chorus it's almost a bit cluttered with sound, but it still comes out a really good song. 'HE SAID SHE SAID' is probably my second favourite of the four songs. It begins very upbeat, and the vocals came in strong instantly grabbing my attention. I found there to be a slightly more emotional tone to this track especially vocally and the use of synth like sounds post chorus add even more of an emotional affect. My overall favourite on 'ALTER EGO' though, has to be closer, 'FALSE LIGHT OF AMERICA'. This one is darker toned and a little rockier, a guitar riff that feels like a clock counting down starts the track and carries on throughout the song giving a feeling of urgency and excitement. There's also definitely an angry vibe to the vocals and honestly, I really love this song. I think a lot of what ThinkTwice are doing is similar to other artists in the genre and 'FALSE LIGHT OF AMERICA' may have a lot of the same aspects for but for me this is a stand-out track. If like me, you hadn't heard of ThinkTwice before, now is the time to go check them out. I personally don't think they have a song I didn't enjoy. They're very fitting in the new modern post punk wave that's happening recently and having already gained a healthy following on Instagram this duo could be one of your new favourite bands.

Listen to 'ALTER EGO' HERE

Follow ThinkTwice on Instagram HERE

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