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The Blams - Therefore I Am

The Blams have just released the rebellious statement that is new song 'Therefore I Am'.


The Blams have just released their heaviest song to date. 'Therefore I Am' is easily the angriest, hardest and punkiest song we have seen from the three piece. 'Therefore I Am' is a rebellious statement, a refusal to act as expected. A different version of you exists in everyone's minds and your own. Every person expecting you to act a certain way.

"The person that you want me to be/think I am, only exists in your mind. To put it less philosophically: fuck off and let me be who I want to be." - (The Blams)

I think I say this about every song these guys release but 'Therefore I Am' is my new favourite. I love this heavier sound on them and the aggression suits them really well. Having the dog barking with the distorted music creeping in slowly instantly lets you know you're in for something different than we have seen from The Blams before. The grungy vocals that follow are perfectly suited to this style and make you wanna scream along with the rebel anthem. One thing I absolutely loved is the guitar line in the chorus and I assure you this tune will get stuck in your head rather quickly and make you want to listen to it again and again on full volume. This song doesn't take a break and just gets more angry as it goes on with the vocals getting more powerful which is totally fitting.

Listen to 'Therefore I Am' and follow The Blams HERE

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