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Soundmate - There We Go

New alternative rock duo Soundmate's debut single 'There We Go' is an almost larger than life track with many instruments throughout and a blend of pop rock that makes for a song that is super catchy and easy to listen to.


'There We Go' from Soundmate is a great song that blends together this easy listening pop like verses with a nice gritty rock chorus. The song's upbeat rhythm is fun and uplifting and with all the elements that are combined within this song it's almost hard to believe that there are only two people behind this project. The alt rock duo were both originally a part of another band, Tony and Henry were in a group called Exit Black who had achieved great success with BBC Introducing regularly playing their songs. Exit Black also played support for artists such as; Pendulum, Top Loader and Pigeon Detectives while performing at many venues up and down the UK. After some time apart lockdown brought Tony and Henry back together and they began with this new project and have now released their debut single 'There We Go'. In my opinion 'There We Go' is a really great song and this is only their debut, I can't wait to see what else they will create. The vocals by Tony Bignell have this gritty, rocky edge to them which takes the song from what could've been a standard easy listening pop rock track into something with more of an edge to it. Personally I prefered the chorus's of the song to the verses and I think they suit the band more as they do go more into that rock sound but that's not to say that the verses are bad I just personally enjoy more of a rock sound. This is a song I could imagine listening to in the car with my friends singing along with the volume turned up to eleven.

Listen to 'There We Go' HERE

Band Line Up

Tony Bignell: Vocals & Keyboard

Henry James Green: Everything Else

Soundmate on social media

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