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Onslow - Onslow

Album Name: Onslow

Artist: Onslow Sean Harmanis; Vocals Scott Kay: Guitar

Released: July 2021

Label: Greyscale Records

Rating: 8/10



  1. Saving Face

  2. Let Me Rust

  3. Gauze

  4. Limbs

  5. Freddie Mercury

Perth duo Onslow's debut self titled EP welcomes the band with a bang! The alt rock/hard rock even punk at times five track EP is a high energy project that also isn't afraid to talk about darker topics and have softer tones. The duo are hardly new to the scene with Harmanis coming from Make Them Suffer and Kay from Australian bands such as Voyager, Statues and Absent Heart. The pair came together during COVID to create this epic project, with their first single, Let Me Rust they very quickly proved that they are a band to watch out for. From the first song ('Saving Face') you are pulled into the powerful, guitar charged style that is this EP. There is a great mix of softer vocals and anthemic like chorus's that make songs like 'Saving Face' and the whole EP a joy to listen to. Oh and of course I can't not mention the epic screams that are also featured throughout. As I mentioned before this EP isn't afraid to get darker and play with your emotions. Tracks such as second single 'Gauze' and emotional closer 'Freddie Mercury'. are full of lyrics that really make you take a second and think about what you are listening to, such as; "I know you're tired of asking for help" and "You think you're too far gone" in 'Gauze'. I would have to say that these two tracks are probably my favourites from the self titled piece. 'Gauze' combines this fun melody with these real emotions while 'Freddie Mercury' is all round slower and one that you can really let yourself get lost in. Maybe it's because these musicians have been around doing various other projects for a while but 'Onslow' really doesn't feel like a debut EP. It's hard to believe that we only heard their first single this year. They are a band that I believe will be around for a long time and one that people could easily fall in love with. With their music the duo put this modern twist on what seems to be these 90's/2000's inspired tracks. This allows people that small feeling of nostalgia that we all love. Stating that Onslow are inspired by bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Deftones, Radiohead and Pixies it's no surprise that they sound the way they do, the vocal melodies throughout are specifically reminscent of these bands that we loved growing up. I definitely recommend checking Onslow out as I believe they have so much to give with this five track EP, a song for almost every mood.

Listen to 'Onslow' HERE

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