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Like A Storm - Liar

Alternative/metal rock band Like A Storm have been delivering plenty for fans so far this year and that pace continues as they have just dropped a new single 'Liar'.


Like A Storm's newest single appears to be a tale about love gone bad. The track is a nice mix between almost rock ballad like moments with an infusion of metal. This is the bands fourth single that they have released so far in 2021 (previous: 'Empire of Ashes', 'F@me', and 'Teardrop'). The alternative/metal rock band originally from Auckland, New Zealand but now based in Las Vegas have made their mark on the scene. Some of their singles 'Love The Way You Hate Me' (a personal favourite of mine), 'Wish You Hell', 'Become The Enemy', 'Pure Evil', 'Break Free', 'The Devil Inside', and 'Complicated (Stitches & Scars)' all made the Top 40. Like A Storm have always stood out to me because of their use of a Didgeridoo in their music, something that really isn't common but works really well with the metal/rock style and helps them be a band that I could never forget. New single 'Liar' is definitely an enjoyable track, the slow beginning into the hard hitting metal moments are captivating along with some pretty repetitive lyrics that are done in a catchy way this combination makes a song I will be adding to my playlists. In my opinion 'Liar' feels a little more rock ballady than some of Like A Storm's stuff I have heard previously even giving me hints of bands such as SIXX:A.M. in the style. One thing that is seen in this track and something I enjoy about Like A Storm is their ability within one song to flip between that rock sound to metal so effortlessly. 'Liar' is a song I would recommend to you guys and if you haven't heard of Like A Storm go check them out!

Band Line Up

Chris Brooks: Vocals, Guitar, Didgeridoo Matt Brooks: Vocals, Guitar Kent Brooks: Bass, Keyboard Zach Wood: Drums

Listen to 'Liar' HERE

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