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Coe Hill, Saving Vice - Edge of Collapse (We All Break)

On the 10th of June Canadian post hardcore/alt rockers Coe Hill released their newest single and lyric video 'Edge of Collape (We All Break)' with Tyler Small from Saving Vice.


'Edge of Collapse (We All Break)' from Coe Hill brings this heavy emo sound that I personally love. The track also features Tyler Small from Saving Vice, a band I have really enjoyed for a long time so this song was quite exciting for me and it definitely didn't disappoint. The perfect blend of heavy music, emo lyrics and a catchy chorus that even on the first listen I was singing along with.

Coe Hill is a collaborative post hardcore/ alternative rock project from Toronto, Canada. Coe Hill was created by Doug Heiser who during the quarantine needed a creative outlet and proceeded to create several songs in the post hardcore genre but that also include elements of pop punk, alt rock and emo. Hesier teamed up with friend and procucer, engineer Kyle Marchant to refine the songs. During the creation of the tracks a decision was made to not have a permanent vocalist and instead to feature various guests on the songs. The previous single from Coe Hill 'Deadweight' featured Hayden Trobee from Tigerwine. 'Edge of Collapse (We All Break)' lyrically tackles mental health, the main narrative being about constantly focusing on the negatives because your mind can't stop dwelling on the endless possibilites of things going wrong. Also trying to take control of your own perspective so that you can live your life to the fullest. This song is a reminder to a lot of people that you are not alone. Especially since the whole Covid 19 pandemic a lot of people have found themselves struggling with their mental health so not only is this song very relevant but it's a good reflection on the way a lot of people have been feeling this past year. This song is definitely one I will be listening to and would recommend. It's a good emo, post hardcore track. If you like bands such as; Silverstein, Underoath, Thousand Below, Funeral For A Friend, Hawthrone Heights, Static Dress etc. then this might be for you.

Watch the lyric video for 'Edge of Collapse (We All Break)' HERE

LIsten to 'Edge of Collapse (We All Break)' HERE

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