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Royal Bliss - Fire Within

Royal Bliss have released a beautiful, storytelling video for their latest single 'Fire Within'.


From Salt Lake City, Utah, Royal Bliss give us catchy, sing a long worthy rock and frontman Neil Middleton whos raspy voice has attracted the attention of many. The band have built their success with consistent writing, recording and touring. They have headlined many US shows and have also toured with the likes of Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Buckcherry. Royal Bliss's two latest singles have hit the Top 20 in the Active Rock Charts and now they have given us a heartfelt song that everyone can relate to, Fire Within. The song was released about two weeks ago and now it has a visually stunning video to accompany it. The video fits the story of the song perfectly as it follows a few characters who appear to be getting put down and made to feel like they can't achive their dreams. This is a common feeling between almost everyone in the human race, we all question whether we are good enough and this song and video are reminders that you are, that you can do anything if you don't let people push you down.

"It's for peole who are struggling because they feel like an outcast compared to everybody else. As a band we've been told our dreams are unreachable, but you have to persevere. You have to light that fire within. Over the last year especially, so much has been brought to light - womans rights, LGBTQ+, systematic racism. It's about embracing our differences but knowing we all deserve to be treated equally." - (Royal Bliss about the single)

Personally I found this video and the song to be really inspiring. I was already super in love with the track before the video dropped and now I think I love it even more. The video helps add this depth to the story and everything about it fit so perfectly. The video was also visually quite a treat, there are many moments where it flashes through various different scenes, whether that be scenery or peoples features it really was very enjoyable to watch.

You can check out the full video for 'Fire Within' here

You can keep up to date with Royal Bliss on social media at any of the following links:

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