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Glitchers - Helter Skelter

Glitchers have released a hardcore cover of Beatles classic 'Helter Skelter'.


Glitchers have put their own hardcore spin on the Beatles original 'Helter Skelter'. Beginning in 2020 Glitchers have been making a mark on the music scene with their unique After Party Street Gigs. Tackling this epic cover feels like an appropriate next step for the band who have been busy through 2023 with gigs. Paul McCartney originally wanted the last Beatles gig to be on the streets "Imagine being arrested and dragged away by the police whilst still playing." The Beatles may have never got the chance to do this but for Glitchers this is a typical gig. The two-piece appear to thrive off the danger of playing like this. While covering a well-known song it's easy to just copy what was done before, but Glitchers have done the complete opposite with this one. If I didn't know it going into the song it would've definitely taken me a while to realize what this song is. It's Glitchers loud sound, with thumping drums and hardcore growls but combined with the Beatles groove. It's a heavy hardcore song with a punk edge and I have really enjoyed listening to this one.

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