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Nory-J - Apology

Nory-J has released a new single 'Apology', which features fellow indie/dream pop artist Melrose.


Nory-J has released his next dream pop/indie track that is loosely based around the movie 'La La Land'. Nory-J combines elements of dream pop, indie pop and jazz to create his unique almost lo-fi type of sound. The British artists previous single 'irrelevant, benevolent' earned him plays across various radio stations and gained the artist 10,000 monthly listeners. New single 'Apology' is a lockdown project turned night drive anthem. The track features Melrose and this is a great pairing. Melrose's sultry vocals over the soft bassline, combined with the dreamy synths create a heavenly soundscape. Then Nory-J's indie leaning vocals come in adding a little more spice to the beautiful track. I normally don't cover songs in this style, but Nory-J keeps delivering tracks that are gorgeous and deserve to be talked about. 'Apology' is one to get lost in and would fit perfectly on your wind-down, end of night playlist.

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