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Cascando - Jimmy Boy

Limerick roots rock collective Cascando have just released their irresistible fourth single 'Jimmy Boy'.


'Jimmy Boy' will be the collectives fourth single and the first to come from their new EP 'In Absence of Trees'. Cascando are a bit different from the normal rock styles I would write about. These guys are classic driven and are clearly inspired by early rock n roll and the 60's era. The group from Limerick are a collective that is made up of almost a dozen members but there is five at the core. Together they are fueled by a love of country and blues and use that to create their sort of whimsical sound. 'Jimmy Boy' was recorded live in September and features Hugh Cleary-Ward on drums and Dan Walsh (Fixity and The Bonk) on the flute. When listening to 'Jimmy Boy' I was instantly taken in by a beautiful very early rock inspired guitar, and as the song grew I really fell into Cascando's sort of blues and folk sound. I would best describe them as modern folk wearing a rock n roll coat. 'Jimmy Boy' is a track that gives more than you would expect even including a little flute moment allowing you to really experience that folk influence. This may not be the type of thing I would normally listen to but I am a big fan, so I would urge anyone to go check 'Jimmy Boy' and Cascando out.

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