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Fleas - Baby Faced Rage

Award winning alternative punk band Fleas are delivering a new sound and attitude with their track 'Baby Faced Rage'


'Baby Faced Rage' is a track screaming with attitude. The Suffolk based five-piece released the song on the 30th of September and it marks the start of a new era for the band. Fleas met and became friends while studying music at the West Suffolk College. Sharing a similar taste in music the five-piece built their aggressive yet versatile sound. Fleas are known for their energetic and raw live shows and were named "Ones to Watch in 2022" by BBC Introducing. The alt-punk outfit released their debut EP 'Revenge is Forever' in June 2022 which led to a summer of gigging and promoting the EP. Fleas also recently received the NMG award for Best Rock Act. It's not surprising that this group are receiving the attention they are. Just from a quick listen to their music you can tell that Fleas are a band to be listening to. New track 'Baby Faced Rage' displays a rage that the younger generation have towards the state of the world, politics, environmental issues, bigotry etc. This relevant track became a standout song within the groups live sets, it's fast pace and lyricism make it one that is bound to get stuck in your head. I had personally never heard of Fleas before doing this review and I am so happy I got the chance to give them a listen. 'Baby Faced Rage' is a song that was instantly stuck in my head, and I haven't stopped listening to it. It's angry, punk aggression delivers a lot of attitude and emotion that makes 'Baby Faced Rage' stand out in their discography. It's very modern punk in sound with alternative rock elements that I think a wide variety of rock music listeners would enjoy. So, if you haven't checked this one out yet then you should be listening to it right now.

'Baby Faced Rage' Live @ Hunter Club 17/09/22

Listen to 'Baby Faced Rage' HERE

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