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Sarah and the Sundays - Vices

Sarah and the Sundays have released infectious new single 'Vices' and announced a new album 'The Living End'.


Austin five piece Sarah and the Sundays have released their infectious new single while also announcing a new album 'The Living End'. 'Vices' is the follow up to their much loved EP 'Half Way Home' and the band are back doing what they do best; getting the party started. Austin based Sarah and the Sundays met in a music class in Conecticut and Miles, Declan and Liam realized that they had a passion for songwriting. The bands first album 'So You're Mad About the Cups', reached over 7.5 million streams and the band decided to leave college after the first year to pursue their dream. Sarah and the Sundays are known for their unforgettable hooks and universally relatable lyrics. They have recieved much support throughout their musical career so far. This includes rock band Smash Mouth claiming single 'Take Your Time' as their #MouthPick, SiriusXM Alt Nation including the same track as a critical cut and they also saw support from A1234, Flex and Out Now Magazine. Alongside all of this their feverish fanbase who thinks of them as their hidden gem indie secret. Sarah and the Sundays released their four track 'Half Way Home' EP earlier this year and it was written just before the world shut down.

"Liam wrote this one about a week into the lockdowns, The song more or less speaks for itself, however in no way did we think it would be so relevant for so long" (Sarah and the Sundays on song 'I'm So Bored) "a song that originated in Liam's attempt to quit cigarettes, but expanded to represent the overall theme of giving up bad habits and wishing you could get back time you spent on something regrettable." (Sarah and the Sundays on song 'Take Your Time')

New single 'Vices' shows how the band have progressed and developed in their sound.

"the result of our first ever visit to a studio. It's a song about loss, growth, and change overall. We hope listeners relate to the universal feeling of life's evolution and find meaning in the feelings we expressed about such change." (Sarah and the Sundays on 'Vices')

'Vices' in my opinion isn't a far leap from songs I have heard before by Sarah and the Sundays. It has all the elements that make them, them. I personally really loved the bassline that rolls throughout the song and I found myself really tuning into that. Within 'Vices' I even had a slight feeling of something older, like taking a song from maybe the 1920's and turning it into something modern, I really liked this vibe it had to it. Overall this is a pretty good song and if you like feel good songs with great hooks check out 'Vices' and Sarah and the Sundays.

Listen to 'Vices' HERE

Pre save 'The Living End' HERE

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