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Mothman and The Thunderbirds & World Eaters - Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters

EP Name: Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters

Artists: Mothman and The Thunderbirds - Alex Parkinson World Eaters - David Gupta & Winter Stomp

Released: October 2022

Rating: 7/10


Artwork by Adam Ujhelyi


Side A

  1. Rusty Shackleford

  2. Nephilim

Side B

  1. Flash of Green

  2. The Siege

Mothman and The Thunderbirds and World Eaters are going head-to-head on their brand-new split EP 'Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters', which will be released just in time for Halloween on October 28th. First up on 'Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters' we have Mothman and The Thunderbirds. The blackened sludge/stoner nu metal solo project by Alex Parkinson delivers what I believe to be the best songs from this project to date. The first half which was produced by Egor Lappo really shows off what Mothman and The Thunderbirds have to give. Opener 'Rusty Shackleford' is my personal favourite on the whole EP, starting with this really infectious riff and not losing energy throughout it is guaranteed to have you bopping or headbanging along. I've known of Mothman and The Thunderbirds for a while now, but I've never heard something as vocally strong from them until this opening track and honestly, I love everything about it. Next up from the first contender is 'Nephilim', this track is loud and fast and is easily the heaviest track Mothman and The Thunderbirds have released to date. Then World Eaters come in for the last two tracks. I didn't know what to expect from the death metal duo, but I can say that I was quite pleasantly surprised. As with every release World Eaters include a collab which this time comes in the form of crowdsourced gang vocals from Twitters metal scene which I thought was pretty cool. The songs themselves which were mixed and mastered by Alex Snape are really good death metal songs. Opener 'Flash of Green' instantly pulls you into a darker sound than was heard from Mothman and The Thunderbirds at the start of the EP but that's not to say these tracks don't fit together. 'Flash of Green' is a juicy track that you can just sink your teeth into. It's loud and heavy and at about three minutes will have you chanting along "rip and tear". Last track 'The Siege' has this anthemic opening and a really nice melodic flow through it. This is probably my favourite of the two as you can get lost in the lyrical flow and rumbling bass. Honestly this EP surprised me with how good it is. It didn't take me long to be really enjoying what I was listening to and both bands fit really well on it together but also stand out on their own. From catchy opening riffs to low, melodic moments there really is a wide mix of metal subgenres reached, and that makes for a really interesting and enjoyable listen. I would really recommend giving this one a listen when it comes out on the 28th. Both bands are also offering limited cassette copies of 'Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters' on their Bandcamps so grab one while you have the chance!

Pre save and Pre order 'Mothman and The Thunderbirds VS World Eaters' HERE

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