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Dead Sapien - Meltdown

New single 'Meltdown' from Dead Sapien is coming on the 28th of July and this could be their strongest song yet.


Dead Sapien is a project founded by producer and artist Cameron Simpson. With four singles released since 2021 Dead Sapien continues to strive towards raising awareness and tackling mental health issues with their music. Personally I enjoy the music that Dead Sapien releases. The artist from Scotand has this nu-metal 2000's sort of sound but from what I have found no two songs are ever the same, some feel more towards a hard rock sound like new track 'Meltdown' and others such as 'WW3' have a sort of punk/grunge feel to them. I find this diversity with Dead Sapien to be really appealing as it means even if you don't love one song their may be another for you. New track 'Meltdown' which will be released on the 28th of July is so far my favourite from Dead Sapien. I think this one feels a lot more energetic and in a way I felt like it has a kind of early 2000's Foo Fighters vibe about it mixed with high intensity, loud riffs. 'Meltdown' is a track I don't even have to think twice about pre-saving. For any fan of the hard rock sound of the 2000's this is definitely one for you. It's loud and attacks while being equally catchy and something you can bop along to. Fast yet melodic. Something about 'Meltdown' for me just works and I recommend giving it a pre-save and listening to it when it is released on the 28th.

Pre-Save 'Meltdown' HERE

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