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Codespeaker - Pyrrhic

Edinburgh based heavy post-metal band Codespeaker have released their latest single and video 'Pyrrhic'.


Codespeaker from Edinburgh, Scotland have released their new song 'Pyrrhic' and a dark video to go along with it. It's been a while since I've had a heavier song to review on here and honestly I couldn't ask for a better one than Codespeaker's new single. From the second this song starts you can tell it's going to be something good. The intro which is melodic dark toned guitars opens up the song nicely before the vocals and drums collide into the mix and all of a sudden you have this heavy post-metal track that never loses is melodic energy. The four and a half minute long piece never gets boring, changing pace and growing as it goes along. The video that has been created to along with 'Pyrrhic' is really beautiful but in a dark way. The black and white video flashes between snippets of the band and a character in a white dress. I enjoyed the way that the 'Pyrrhic' video was put together and the setting chosen for the white dressed character made the whole thing kind of feel like a twisted fairytale. The song and the video work really nicely together and create a whole story to enjoy.

If you are a fan of heavier tracks then I would recommend checking 'Pyrrhic' out. I myself can be quite fussy when it comes to the heavier music I enjoy and for me this is one that I really liked. It's dark and melodic with enjoyable vocals and the song just works.

Listen to 'Pyrrhic' HERE

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