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Egor Lappo - Naturealism

Album Name: Naturealism

Artist: Egor Lappo

Released: April 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 6/10


Artwork by Mosa Eye

  1. Unreal

  2. Invisible Walls

  3. Forgone Future

  4. Lack of Gravity

  5. Starlight

  6. Star Station

  7. Dawn Tracer

  8. Crepuscular

  9. The Cradle of Space Exploration

  10. Naturealism

Prog metal/rock multi-instrumentalist Egor Lappo have released their fourth album. An out of this world feeling concept album that focuses on fear and phobias 'Naturealism' came out today. Egor Lappo is an artist based out of St. Petersburg, Russia. 'Naturealism' sees him open up about his own personal fears. The album itself is a ten track piece that has this cosmic feel to it, combining prog rock/metal with a large dose of pop elements thrown in. The theme of fear and phobias is thrown together with driving riffs and catchy hooks creating a unique experience. For me I found this album interesting to begin with, the splice of heavy instrumentals with this synth like cosmic creation following you throughout. I really could imagine 'Naturealism' being the soundtrack to some other worldy video game. However sadly as it went on I found a lot of the songs to just be a little bit too similar and honestly there wasn't very many moments that stood out to me. Even though I may have struggled to find a stand out song on 'Naturealism' I will say that 'Dawn Tracer' probably comes out on top as my favourite. The first single which features Fransisco Meza on guitar felt a little bit stronger than the other nine tracks which are on this album, I especially saw this strength more within the vocals which on some of the songs I didn't totally enjoy.

Another song which I found interesting was closing and title track 'Naturealism' as about four minutes into the nearly seven minute long track the pace seemed to change turning from this kind of melodic dark sound which we have seen throughout the rest of the album into a more upbeat hopeful sound. This change in pace was cool and the outro of this one leaves you feeling almost like you've been left on a cliffhanger. Overall I honestly don't have too much to say about the cosmic invention that is 'Naturealism'. It's an okay album and I did like how while listening to it you could kind of imagine yourself being in another world or space but I just found the songs themselves to be missing a certain spark. There was some really nice heavy riffs and intro's but again nothing that particularly stood out as special for me. Maybe this is because this isn't the kind of music I would normally jump to listen to but if you are a fan of artists such as Devin Townsend, BTBAM, Dream Theatre or VOLA maybe check this one out and see what you think for yourself.

Featured on 'Naturealism'

Egor Lappo: Music, Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing & Mastering Fransisco Meza: Guitar solo on 'Dawn Tracer' Alex Parkinson: Gang vocals on 'Lack of Gravity' Mosa Eye: Artwork & Logo

Check out 'Naturealism' HERE

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