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Monza Express/The Accolades/Forgetting The Future - 3/06/2022 - The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen

Yet another brilliant performace from Thurso's Forgetting The Future at The Blue Lamp last Friday, which saw support from Monza Express and The Accolades.


Monza Express

Aberdeen based Monza Express warmed up the audience as the opening act. The indie inspired rock band have a nostalgic 90's vibe about them and their more chilled out sound was a nice pick to ease the crowd into the night. I had never heard about these guys before and honestly at first I wasn't sure about them but their calmer yet not so serious sound had the crowd right up at the front dancing along to the beat and fun melodies. They aren't a band that I would have normally gone out of way to see so it was cool to get a chance to see what they are about. They may not have been the most energetic or wild band of the night but I would say that their appeal is within the lyricism and as mentioned earlier the nostalgic feeling to their music. Songs such as 'Crying On the Radio' are great to bop along with while having a couple of drinks and have this sort of emo rock sense to them therefore making this my personal favourite that they played and also possibly their most upbeat track of the set. I'm still not sure if I would go out of my way to see these guys but I wouldn't be disappointed to see them on a lineup again.

Recommended song: Crying On the Radio

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The Accolades

Glasgow based indie rock band The Accolades were the second act of the night. I didn't catch the very start of their set but by the time I came in, the room was packed with people right up close to the stage. Even from the second I approached the door I could tell that The Accolades are a really great band and I never would have guessed that this was their first gig together. This groups chemistry is something of a band that have been together for years so to learn that they are yet to release music and that this was their first performance was honestly a shock. The crowd reaction was fitting as people jumped around to the catchy indie beats. Watching them I felt like I could have easily been at a headline gig and The Accolades are now a band I am really excited about and I cannot wait to see what else they do. The four-piece threw an Arctic Monkeys song into their set which was fitting and had the crowd screaming along but nothing compared to their closing original song which I instantly fell in love with and I am not the only person I heard mention how incredible that song was that night. Sadly I was too busy enjoying myself to get a video of this one so I can't show just how good it was, not that I think a video would do the energy justice. Overall though The Accolades have the look, chemistry, sound and everything about them just fits the genre and stage, I would recommend checking these guys out live if you get the chance before they are selling out their own shows.

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Forgetting The Future

This was my second time seeing headliners Forgetting The Future, the first was when they supported The Hara in Aberdeen and from then I was in love with their on stage presence and energy. They are definitely a band that don't stop jumping about and getting the crowd involved. The four-piece indie rock band are from the Scottish Highlands and in just a few years have deservedly built themselves a nice following. Seeing them headline with a crowd that was there to see them gave the room an amazing atmosphere and the band clearly fed off of this energy giving just as much back. From opening track 'Sara Tonin' to closer, new single 'Small Town Syndrome' the intensity never dropped. I have been listening to these guys quite a bit since seeing them support The Hara and being able to have moments of just singing along with everyone and enjoying the songs was so special and Forgetting The Future have a really good group of people that clearly really enjoy the music that they put out. A stand out moment of this set was when everything reached it's peak, at the end when frontman Robbie McNicol joined the mosh pit and the crowd went wild. Forgetting The Future are a band I will happily go see again and again, I could never get bored of the show they present or singing along with the catchy lyricism and high energy indie melodies. If you haven't seen them live yet they should definitely be added to your list of bands to see.

Recommended song to check out: Small Town Syndrome

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