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Brollochan/OpenPlan - 26/03/2022 - Tunnels, Aberdeen

Featuring Brollochan and OpenPlan this gig at Tunnels saw the end of OpenPlan's first Scottish tour and I have to say both bands put on a great show that had the audience dancing and singing along.



Scottish rock band Brollochan opened the night. These guys were definitely the perfect choice to open up and really get the crowd energised for the headliner. Peter who fronts the band has this incredible stage presence and ability to get you completely invested in what the band are doing. Brollochan are this kind of typical heavy/classic rock and appropriately seeing them live it's impossible not to headbang along. Only featuring one slower song in the set this part of the show had people jumping around while they enjoyed the music. I personally really enjoyed Brollochan and having not heard of them before I instantly checked out their music when I got home and have been listening to them ever since. The only slight downside I have about them is that I did think the end of their set felt a lot stronger than the start as their confidence appeared to grow. By about the second last song I found myself amazed by the talent I was witnessing and if they had had that strength the whole way through they would've been even better!

Recommended song to check out: Too Much of A Crime

Check out Brollochan



Headliner OpenPlan are a four-piece indie-rock band from Caithness. This show at Tunnels was the final show in their first ever Scottish tour. The band may have been clearly a little worn out from their first tour as this was the last date but they still put on a really good set. Most of the time they were playing, people were screaming along the words and really enjoying the music. I will say compared to Brollochan these guys maybe didn't have the same energy and presence but their music really speaks for itself and it's really enjoyable just being able to take in the stories that they are putting across with their lyrics. I would definitely like to see these guys again on another date to see what an OpenPlan show is like when they maybe have a little more energy. Having said that though 'Deja Vu' the last song which OpenPlan played seemed to bring something out of them and this one was punchy and energetic and the crowd was absolutely loving it. Another moment from them I would like to point out was when they played the slower track 'This Feeling' which really showed how good these four guys are at what they do, especially the vocals on this one. Another thing I found with OpenPlan is that I personally find they sound a lot stronger live than they do on recordings (which I had checked out previously). So if like me you aren't entirely convinced by the tracks they have released I would still recommend seeing them as they sound really good live.

Recommended song to check out: Deja Vu

Check out OpenPlan


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