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Deadfire/Battalion of Flies/Six Year Silence - 27/05/2022 - Cathouse, Glasgow

The Six Year Silence gig was one of those where the energy starts high and grows before reaching an explosive climax with the alt metal headliners Six Year Silence.



Aberdeen based hard rockers Deadfire always give their all on stage and this gig was no exception. I have seen the four-piece perform a few times now and everytime I swear they just get better and more crazy. Deadfire are a group that belong in front of an audience and you haven't really heard them until you've seen them throw everything into the love for their music in a live setting. They may have been the openers for the night but that doesn't mean they didn't bring a crowd who were instantly ready to party. From howling 'Hounds of Justice' to new tracks 'Anxiety Society' and 'Live or Die' they never slowed down. With dirty guitar riffs, pounding drums and a frontman who commands your attention Deadfire are a band I would always recommend going to see, and watching them get stronger and stronger with every show I go to proves the chemistry and talent that they have.

Recommended song to check out: Anxiety Society

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Listen to latest single from Deadfire 'Live or Die' HERE

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Battalion of Flies

Alt rockers Battalion of Flies from Edinburgh are a group that I have enjoyed for a little while. When I first heard them recorded they reminded me a little of artists such as Three Days Grace and I was instantly a fan of their music. Live they may have felt like the least energetic set of the night but the vocal harmonies and heavy riffs made up for it. I personally do prefer their recorded stuff to their live show but I feel as though that could be because of the two super high intesity bands that they were sandwiched between whereas I feel like this band would suit a more almost dad rock type show. Battalion of Flies played a range from their discography including tracks from their new EP 'In Dark Meadows...Chaos Reigns' (February 2021). A favourite song of mine from that EP is 'My Only Friend' which live really showed my favourite side to Battalion of Flies with more emotional, lyrical based songs you really get drawn in to the story they are telling and the power they have as a band becomes clear.

Recommended song to check out: Thoughts & Prayers

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Six Year Silence

Before seeing Six Year Silence I had heard that their live shows were energetic but wow these guys really come out with a bang. I was already aware that the group are good songwriters but much like Deadfire you have to see them live to fully grasp the magic that they have as a band. I personally find especially within the metal genre that a lot of bands shows are just kinda the same as the band you saw last weekend bt for me Six Year Silence stood out and are 100% a band I want to see again. There were a lot of brilliant moments from the Glasgow based five-piece but something that has stuck in my head is when they slowed things down with 'Today' a track taken from their newest album 'King to A Clown' (November 2021). Just a frontman alone with his guitar showing off the vocal talent that he has before the rest of the band jump in creating this very powerful, emotional and magical moment. Six Year Silence are easily for me one of those bands I could go see play again and again (and I probably will).

Recommended song to check out: King to A Clown

Listen to most recent album 'King to A Clown' HERE

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