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Mike's Dead - Nightmares

Mike's Dead has released a video to go alongside new track 'Nightmares'. The video debuted on Outburn Magazine.


New video from Mike's Dead for 'Nightmares' sees a character haunted by a woman who is the physical representation of his nightmares.

I really like the aesthetic of this video and I think that the whole thing is very enjoyable to watch. I almost found myself getting distracted by the colour scheme as it was really beautful and I felt that everything about this video really fit the song. 'Nightmares' is less of a screaming in your face type track and sees a more chilled out and emotional side to Mike's Dead.

"With 'Nightmares' I really wanted to show my versatility as an artist" - (Mike's Dead, Outburn Magazine)

The woman in the video is played by Starks beauty founder, Allie Starks. The video was directed by Evan Croker & Mike's Dead.

You can check out the full article where the 'Nightmares' video debuted on Outburn Magazine here

You can listen to 'Nightmares' and check out Mike's Dead's other stuff here

The video for 'Nightmares' you can watch on Mike's Dead's Youtube here

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