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Mike's Dead - Sick

Mike's Dead drops music video to accompany new song "Sick" that was released two days prior.


Mike's Dead releases a video for his new song "Sick" just a couple of days after the song is put out. The video first premiered on Slipknots page "Knotfest". The video itself is simple yet affective. Mike's Dead doesn't need big over the top productions, the simple set up of the three musicians just playing the song was enough to keep me entertained. Also having less going on within the video gives the viewer a chance to really listen to the song. A song that seems to focus on being sick of everything that's going on and being sick of being alone.

"With the state of the world right now, we're all sick of something. I wanted to take my roots in metal and really mix it with rap; but not that corny mainstream shit." (Mike's Dead - Knotfest)

"Sick" is the first single of off Mike's Dead's new EP "Revenge" that will be released in April of 2021.

You can read the full exclusive about "Sick" and Mike's Dead's new EP "Revenge" on Knotfest here:

You can watch the video for "Sick" on Mike's Dead's Youtube here:

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