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Mike's Dead - Sick

Mike's Dead releases agressive riff filled song "Sick" with metal artist Slave Dog.


Mike's Dead is known for his dark music, the artist fuses trap beats with heavy rock or metal. Mike's Dead's new song "Sick" is no exception to this, this may be his heaviest one yet. The aggressive sounding guitar riffs that make up this song create the feeling that you are listening to something heavy metal and will make you want to start a mosh pit. Then in comparison the verses have these soft trap/rap vocals. Something we're seeing introduced a lot into the metal scene. For an independant artist Mike's Dead is making his mark in the music industry. He has created a very loyal fanbase which is like an army prepared to take on the world together. Mike's Dead isn't afraid to speak up about mental health and I think that is lagely a part of why he has such a dedicated following. This new song "Sick" focuses on feeling alone and feeling like everyone around you is fake. A problem that I find to be especially true in this age of social media. Sometimes it feels like everyone is only caring about their own agenda and what they can get from you. This is a feeling I'm sure a lot of people can relate to and this song may help you feel not so alone in that as it has done for me.

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