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Mike's Dead - NIGHTMARES

"Nightmares" shows a more emotional and vulnerable side to Mike's Dead. The new single doesn't have the same aggresion we are used to from this artist and pulls you into a different side of his character.


With this new song we get a more vulnerable track from Mike's Dead. NIGHTMARES is the kind of song that you can sit and sing a long to while really being able to relate to the lyrics. This song for me anyway really made me feel something and I would definitely be interested to see Mike's Dead do more almost stripped back songs. This is Mike's Dead's second single of 2021, the first one being "Sick". The two songs are very different from one another but both have that relatability factor that Mike's Dead fans like to hear. It is interesting to see how different the two songs are instrumentally with "Sick" being a lot heavier than "NIGHTMARES" and it will be interesting to see what else Mike's Dead will put out this year.

You can listen to "NIGHTMARES" here

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