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Matt Peet - Coffee In Your Car

Vibrant track 'Coffee In Your Car' from Matt Peet tells a story about missing the small things in a relationship and is available to listen to right now!


Matt Peet's latest single 'Coffee In Your Car' may be his strongest release to date. The upbeat yet melancholy feeling track is one to play on repeat. Listening through Matt Peet's discography he's definitely grasped the catchy upbeat indie pop vibe. Any one of his songs could get stuck in your head but 'Coffee In Your Car' is definitely up there as one of the best. The song may focus on a sad topic, but the vibrant melody reminds you that this story is about reminiscing the happy times. 'Coffee In Your Car' is that feeling of missing the small things not the grand gestures, but the moments that maybe went unnoticed during a relationship. Matt Peet is one of those artists I'm happy I've had the chance to listen to. 'Coffee In Your Car' is a song I am now listening to basically every day. I love the vibrancy and overall feel-good factor that this track has even though it may not be the happiest of topics. I think the whole idea of missing the small things is something almost anyone can relate to whether that be in a relationship or a friendship. Honestly this is just a really fun song to listen to and with a chorus that will get easily get stuck in your head there's nothing not to love here. I could imagine hearing 'Coffee In Your Car' on the radio it just has that catchiness and energy that has potential to be really popular. So having said that, give this one a listen.

Listen to 'Coffee In Your Car' HERE

Find Matt Peet on Instagram HERE

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