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Mathilde Fongen - Close Enough

Singer/Songwriter Mathilde Fongen is releasing her emotional new single 'Close Enough' on the 21st of October.


The next single 'Close Enough' from Mathilde Fongen focusses on the real and sad issue a lot of people face when making friends in adulthood. That this person has lived a life before you and you don't know how close you really are too them. I have known Mathilde Fongen for a little while through her work as a bassist and backing vocalist for the Aberdeen based group Audiokicks. It's nice to get to hear her solo work, especially this new single which holds so much emotion and shows off what she can do, 'Close Enough' has this very typical singer/songwriter style about it. It's a song that allows you to follow the lyrics closely while they are accompanied by the calm instrumental. It is a sad story that is being told and one I find to be very relatable. Fongen's lullaby like style makes this an easy song to listen to and definitely will tap into your emotions. This is by far my favourite from her solo discography, and I think a large part of that is due to the fact that it is so relatable.

"it's a sad song about making friends. It's about getting close to people as an adult, when the new friends you meet have already lived a lot of life before they meet you and sometimes they've gone through some heavy things. It can be hard to know where you stand as a new friend and how close you really are to this person you've not known for very long." - (Mathilde Fongen)

This song will be released tomorrow (October 21st) and is one worth checking out. The release of 'Close Enough' will be accompanied by a joint single launch night with Bensley at The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen. Proceeds from the event are being split between the Pawprints2freedom and Next Steps Development charities. So if you're in the area head along and see this single live.

Check out Mathilde Fongen HERE

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