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Audiokicks - Same Old Stories

Audiokicks are set to release new single 'Same Old Stories' on the 9th of September. The haunting piece sees the band expand further in their sound ahead of their upcoming EP.


Aberdeen based four-piece Audiokicks have their new single 'Same Old Stories' coming out on the 9th of September. This comes ahead of their EP 'Coexist' which will be out November of this year. Audiokicks is the life long project of frontman Iain Jamieson. The Aberdeen group are regulars in the local gigging scene and their songwriting sees their large emotionally charged songs stand out. New single 'Same Old Stories' is the first instalment from their upcoming EP 'Coexist', this song sees the band develop even further into their sound. With a few singles and two albums already under their belts it gives any listener the chance to see that this band are constantly growing musically. Previous single 'Hardest Game' gave a more upbeat and fun tone to the usually emotion filled songs that come from Audiokicks and 'Same Old Stories' definitely returns to the more lyric based kind of tracks that are common from the four-piece. I would describe 'Same Old Stories' as this sort of haunting lullaby. There's this feeling of almost floating out to sea and loneliness within. The melody that flows throughout lets you get swept up within what you are listening to and as the song grew I found myself getting lost further inside, before eventually it hits a peak exploding as the drums crash into action. 'Same Old Stories' definitely feels bigger than anything I have heard from Audiokicks before and this is a great introduction for their new EP. Keep an eye out for this one coming on the 9th of September and give it a listen when it is released. 'Same Old Stories' has me excited to see what else is to come from Audiokicks in the near future and if you haven't checked them out before you should.

Audiokicks live @ The Cellar, Aberdeen

Audiokicks are

Iain Jamieson: Lead Vocals & Guitar Gavin Baxter: Lead Guitar, Synth & Backing Vocals Mathilde Fongen: Bass & Backing Vocals Jamie Reid: Drums & Backing Vocals

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