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Astro Ever After - Runaway

Chicago rock n rollers Astro Ever After have released their first single since 2021 'Runaway'.


Chicago band Astro Ever After's 'Runaway' is the band's first single in over a year, and they have comeback with a good one. From a quick scroll through the group's social media, you can see that they have been busy playing shows through 2022 and have started out this year with a brand-new single. The track has a very 90's/2000's alt punk sound which is easily comparable to early Green Day especially 'Dookie'. I personally really liked how it has this repetitive, fun beat throughout the verses that changes up tempo a little in the chorus. The song that is stated to be about "feeling disconnected from the world around you and making the decision to leave it all behind to chase your dreams" brings this hopeful sort of feeling that you can do anything. This is a funky song that is well worth a listen. It's feel-good and easy to enjoy.

Runaway (Official Lyric Video)

Listen to 'Runaway' HERE

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