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Lust For Lily - Relinquish

EP Name: Relinquish

Artist: Lust For Lily

Released: March 2024

Rating: 7/10



  1. In Veil

  2. Wound Up

  3. Pale Fondness

  4. Fading Away

  5. Fallen

Metalcore newcomers Lust For Lily have released their emotion fueled debut EP 'Relinquish'. Formed in 2023, Lust For Lily are an emotion driven metalcore band from Finland. The four-piece who recently released their debut EP have already seen some success with singles 'Wound Up' and 'Pale Fondness'. Both of Lust For Lily's previously released singles were featured on Spotify's 'Metallia Suomesta' editorial playlist and 'Pale Fondness' was played on Finland's biggest radio station YleX. 'Relinquish' as an EP covers feelings from the euphoria of first love to destructive and chaotic rage. Lust For Lily deliver these emotions wrapped up with heavy riffs and powerful metalcore aesthetics. Opening 'Relinquish' is the powerful metal track 'In Veil'. From the get-go this one comes in with strength. The vocals are impressive and the dark yet energetic guitars take control of the song. Something I did find interesting about this track and the whole EP, is the way Lust For Lily combine their gnarly, heavy sound with these pop like melodies. This was especially true for the chorus of 'In Veil'. The next couple of songs on the EP are previously released singles, 'Wound Up' and 'Pale Fondness'. These tracks are both very metalcore sounding. When I previously reviewed these two singles I was a big fan of 'Wound Up' (and still am) but I actually think I now prefer other songs on 'Relinquish'. 'Fading Away' is definitely the ballad track on the EP. Throughout 'Relinquish' I wasn't the biggest fan of the clean vocals but I found I enjoyed them more within this track. 'Fading Away' reminds me style wise a lot of the Bullet For My Valentine songs I would've listened to as a little emo teenager. I like 'Fading Away', it's a typical metalcore ballad and I wouldn't say it's anything particularly special but it's a nice edition to the EP, and allows Lust For Lily to really show off that emotional side they have. Closing the EP is 'Fallen', my personal favourite track.

"Fallen is a cinematically heavy song about infernal and destructive rage. The song collects the delicate story that the EP builds and crushes it into pieces. We wanted to end the EPs story with a blast." - (Lust For Lily)

I thought this one seemed the heaviest in the instrumentals, vocals and also just with the aggression and that rage that is delivers. It's very fast-paced showing off the drum talents and I thought this style really suits Lust For Lily. There really isn't much clean moments and even the more melodic chorus, vocally sounds more like shouting than singing. For me, 'Fallen' just really works and I really like it. I think Lust For Lily are a band to look out for in the metalcore scene. This is only their debut EP and I am already super impressed by what I'm hearing and I can't wait to see how the four-piece grow and develop their sound. Lust For Lily will be embarking on a mini tour with Split Iris, Indistinct and Sacred Dimension on the 25th of May, beginning in Tampere, Finland.

Listen to 'Relinquish' HERE

Lust For Lily are

Aku Olli: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Oskari Hyökyvaara: Lead Guitar Aaro Kankaanpää: Bass Verneri Hyökyvaara: Drums

Lust For Lily online

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