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Lust For Lily - Pale Fondness

Metalcore newcomers Lust For Lily have released their second emotionally charged track 'Pale Fondness', ahead of their upcoming EP.


On the 1st of March Lust For Lily released their next installment 'Pale Fondness' from their upcoming EP 'Relinquish'. 'Pale Fondness' is the second single to come from 'Relinquish' after 'Wound Up', which was an impressive song that gained the group a place on Spotify's "Finnish Metal" editorial playlist. Lust For Lily are a metalcore band that show a lot of promise and have completely captured my attention. First single 'Wound Up' was so impressive as a debut release and I was super excited to hear this new track 'Pale Fondness'. This second single is a bit more catchy and not as straight up heavy as 'Wound Up'. I personally prefer the debut release, but 'Pale Fondness' is still a good track. The instruments contain that heavy attack, but I would say 'Pale Fondness', which about accepting that the love has burnt out in a relationship, feels more emotion driven and almost has a sort of pop ballad quality about it. Even though I'm not as excited by 'Pale Fondness' as I was 'Wound Up' I'm still eagerly anticipating the full EP 'Relinquish', as I bet there will be some really great tracks on there. Upcoming EP 'Relinquish' is set for release on the 29th of March 2024.

Lust For Lily are

Aku Olli: Vocals & Guitar Oskari Hyokyvaara: Lead Guitar Aaro Kankaanpaa: Bass Verneri Hyokyvaara: Drums

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