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Lust For Lily - Wound Up

Impressive new metalcore band Lust For Lily have released their heavy debut single 'Wound Up'.


From Finland new metalcore band Lust For Lily have just released their debut single 'Wound Up'. Lust For Lilys debut single comes ahead of their upcoming EP 'Relinquish'. Listening to this single was a quick reminder to me, not to judge a book by its cover. Having seen pictures of the band and hearing the band name I really thought I was going into a pop, boyband metalcore track but I was so wrong. For a debut release 'Wound Up' is truly impressive and leans a lot more into the heavy demonic sound than I anticipated. This song has been grabbed straight from the pits of hell and the low growling vocals back that up. The melodic type metal guitars hold the song together as do the drums. I may not have been a huge fan of the softer vocals in the chorus but everything else in this song makes up for that and this is definitely one I would recommend checking out.

Listen to 'Wound Up' HERE

Lust For Lily online

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