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Lilith Czar (Juliet Simms) - King

Juliet Simms releases empowering song "King" under the new alias of Lilith Czar.


"Juliet Simms is gone, Lilith Czar has risen" (LilithCzar)

Juliet Simms or should I say Lilith Czar is making an impact with her new project on Sumerian Records. From teaser videos to images that don't seem to make sense, fans have been captured by the mysteriousness of this new era. A very interesting thing to a lot of people including me was when her social media's changed name to "Lilith Czar". Finally we have our first instalment of this story with "King". This song is so strong and feels 100% like a breakaway from the person she was before. The "I'm you but stronger" memes come to mind. "King" talks heavily of woman empowerment and the strength that woman have, that Lilith Czar has. The music itself is like a heavy pop but something that I can really vibe to. I'm really excited to see what else will come from this project. It has kept me entertained and asking a lot of questions so far and I can't wait for more cryptic posts and some more music from the talented, Juliet Simms or Lilith Czar.

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